What can storage do for you?

  • Reduce clutter to free up additional space in your home or office
  • Instead of a backyard shed, self storage units can offer you additional security that you may not have at home (surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, watch dogs, resident manager, limited after hour entry, exterior lighting).
  • Remove hazardous tools that you use only on occasion such as ladders, power tools, lawn mowers, saws and drills.  Helps keep kids and the elderly safe.
  • Parking of large items including cars, motorcycles, RVs or boats.
  • Offer SAFESTOR or TenantOne Direct insurance to cover your items in storage if your regular home policy does not cover your possessions while in storage.  Speak with your insurance carrier and ask.  Asking can potentially save you money.

What are the types of storage options for rent?

  • Outdoor units are regular, concrete block units with a corrugated steel-top roof giving your possessions sufficient protection from rain, wind, and sometimes dust.  Academy Storage recommends you use a drop cloth or old sheet to cover items so that fly-sand does not settle atop your items.
  • Indoor units are more protective, you  must enter a building first, and then go to your designated locker.  These units are insulated, sheet rocked, taped top to  bottom, and have a roller door that you lock upon exiting.  Things to store in the indoor unit would be items such as:
    • Any Electronic items (computers, TVs, Stereos)
    • Leather, furs, delicate clothing
    • Paintings, photographs, film
    • Antiques, furniture, musical instruments
    • Tax returns, birth certificates, etc.
    • IT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA to store perishables
  • Drive-up garage units are regular, concrete block units, and come in either 5×10, 10×10, 10×20, 10×25, or 10×30 sizes to select from.  Things to store in an outdoor unit would be items like:
    • Bicycles, tricycles, skateboards
    • Sports equipment for baseball, soccer, rugby, tennis
    • Halloween or Christmas ornaments and other holiday items

What precautionary steps should one take when storing either inside or outside?

  • Take great care in packing and stacking your items to keep them from becoming scratched and/or dented
  • Use moisture absorbing tools, a box of baking soda can help eliminate stale odors and keep your locker deodorized.
  • Ask the facility how often they use pest control and if the product is a “green” alternative.
    • Academy Storage is chemically sensitive and asks that clients refrain from using mothballs or any  highly toxic sprays without prior approval.
  • Ask management to provide vermin pellets for the interior of your unit as an additional precaution in addition to the monthly pest control.

WANT MORE ADVICE?  Please do not hesitate to call Academy Storage at 505.438.3115 with any question, concern, or suggestion.  Or feel free to send us an email at AcademySS.NM@gmail.com and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible!  We are here to help and serve you!