Academy Storage, Santa Fe, NM

Locally owned and operated since 1991

If you have never used self-storage before it can be daunting.  So before you start your search for the perfect place to house your belongings, keep a couple of these questions in mind:

    1. Is the person answering your questions helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly?
    2. Does the facility require you to keep a key with them and if so, how and where is your key housed?
    3. Is the storage facility accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
    4. Is the facility well maintained and well lit?
    5. What kind of surveillance system is in use and do they have a watch dog?
    6. Does a resident reside on the premises?
    7. How often are the rental rates increased?
    8. Have they had any break-ins and how were they handled by the management?
    9. Does the facility have perimeter fencing?
    10. Is it a pin access facility only?
    11. Do they have a lock requirement for securing the storage locker?
    12. Are your gate access hours also holiday access hours?

Remember, you are paying for a service, make sure that the management team is polite, respectful and professional.  It is okay to be your own advocate!  Don’t be afraid to ask for the following

  • Long term storage discounts
  • Match a competitor’s rate

Storage is basically an extension of your current living situation.  Be your own advocate, voice what you want and need. Let the place you select be safe, well lit, have surveillance, a live-in resident, and perimeter fencing.  Be happy about where you are going to be storing your items!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call Academy Storage here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, at (505)438-3115.  We will be happy to answer your questions – even if you decide not to rent with us!